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"First let me begin by letting you know what an impact you have made on my son Daniel. Daniel has not been much of a sporty kid, he enjoy’s the outdoors and seem to be too much of an introvert for my liking. So, we decided to sign him up for flag football last year and you were his coach. You have given Daniel the confidence I felt he needed in more aspects of his life than sports. You have a real talent for teaching kids not only about sports, but about lessons greater than sports. Daniel was so excited when he came to basketball and seen that you were there." 

- Danny's Mom

"Let me put it right out there...your coaching style and the league are MOST AWESOME." 

- K. Miles - mom of the coolest kid on the planet, Quinn

"My husband and I are so impressed with your coaching skills!!! are the best coach we have encountered thus far "

- Dickson Family

"...the boys really love playing in this league (Mini-Hoops League). Thanks!"

- Tony

Recommendation Letters

The One On One Basketball program has been a wonderful addition to my instructional programs. It offers the kids a well-balanced mix of basketball skills, cooperation with others and good sportsmanship. Jonathan is knowledgeable, energetic and engaging, and he hires staff who also feel passionate about kids and basketball. Jonathan and his staff focus on the children as individuals not just a group as a whole. They are building a large following in the Ann Arbor schools.

As a Recreation Specialist overseeing physical and recreational activities, I value One On One for it's consistent high quality program, responsible and prepared staff and Jonathan\'s unwavering enthusiasm to work with kids. I look forward to my continued involvement with Jonathan and the One On One program. 

- S. Judkins, Instructional Recreation Programs Specialist. (Ann Arbor Rec. & Ed)

We are writing this letter to inform others of what a wonderful program One on One Basketball is. Our son attends the Ann Arbor Public Schools . He has a lover for basketball and we randomly signed him up for “After School Hoops.” Come to find out this is the most amazing program we have been a part of. We have been involved with One on One After School Hoops program for 5 years and have attended summer camps as well as winter break camps. As our son say “I don’t care what friends are signed up, I just want to do after school hoops” This coming from a boy who always wants to be around his friends! Although basketball skills are the foundation of the One on One Program, so much more comes out of the session. There is the team building skills, getting along with others, following direction and good sportsmanship. The coaches doe this with enthusiasm, knowledge, professionalism and a positvie attitude. The program is very well organized and is always under control. We highly recommend this program to anyone! We speak very highly of Jonathan Kronberg, his staff and the program itself. We have had many families join based on our praises. This program is very popular at our school. So popular that we always make sure we know the first day of registration so we can reserve a spot! 

-Sheri B. and Todd T. (Tyler's Parents)

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